Early Stage 90/min Red Matrix from Raw 能量矩阵 红糖 整合版(原矿输入)

Red Matrix 90/min

deploy Part A Red Matrix 30/min from Raw
Unlock X-ray Cracking using the red matrix from part A
deploy Part B Red Matrix 60/min from Refined oil

Part A:
Red Matrix 30/min from Raw
Supplying Refined oil to Part B

Part B:
Red Matrix 60/min from Refined oil by X-ray Cracking
Start Up Part B (first running only)
    Step 1: manually load ~60 hydrogens from the sign on the belt (see figure 2)
    Step 2: start supplying refined oil by connecting the belts with the refined oil sign (see figure 3)


List of the Early-Stage Blueprints collection:
Starter Mall Integrated
120/min Blue Matrix from Raw
90/min Red Matrix from Raw
90/min Yellow Matrix from Raw
Interstellar Logistics Station and Orbital Collector with Vessel and Drone from Raw
Mini Mall with Si
90/min MK III Belt from Raw
30/min MK III Sorter from Raw
5/Min MK II Assembling Machine From Raw
60/min Purple Matrix from Raw (no rare ore)
30/min Green Matrix or 240/min Space Warper from Raw (no rare ore)
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This blueprint requires

295 structures
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