Dear Community,
Since Dyson Sphere Program latest patch - 0.7.18 - MultiBuild isn't working anymore. It might get updated (or not) but if it does, it won't be for a few weeks, at least. In any case, the official blueprint implementation should be coming with the next Dyson Sphere Program patch. Rest assured that we'll update the website to try and handle the official blueprints when they'll be out, as well as any update to Multibuild.
In the meantime, we thank you a lot for your support and patience. Cheers ❤️.

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How to install the MultiBuildBeta mod?

  1. Install thunderstore's mod manager, you can find it here, and follow the instructions.
  2. On thunderstore, find the MultiBuildBeta mod and click on the Install with Mod Manager button. Alternatively you can also install it directly from the mod manager.
  3. Launch the game, you should see a new icon in your toolbar.

How to get a blueprint's code?

  1. You first need to create a blueprint in game. In the mod's toolbar, select the first icon:
    And then select your buildings. Once you're satisfied, finish your blueprint by right-clicking.
  2. Click the the Copy button in the toolbar.
  3. You're done, the blueprint is now in your clipboard and you just need to paste it in the form field when adding your new blueprint.

How to use a blueprint code found on this website?

  1. Simply click the   button on a blueprint's page.
  2. Then, in game, click the the Paste button in the toolbar.