Vigintuple (20) Elevator pt1

100% vanilla! 20 (yes really) belts shoved up 2x2 shaft.

use: requires both blueprints to work consistently. place pt1 first and then pt2 fits right on top of it.

At this point, I give up thinking this is the max size. Honestly pretty mad I quit at 12 when 16 was right around the corner.
these elevators are basically just a personal challenge now. I don't see any conceivable reason you'd need to force this many belts in one place, at that point just make several normal elevators in less space than you'd need to route the belts into this thing.

Still looks cool I guess.

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Also, check out my belt guide here!
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  • Author: Ludus
  • Collection: Elevators
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  • Created: 7 months ago

This blueprint requires

128 structures
  • 128

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