Duotrigintuple (32) elevator pt2

100% vanilla! 32 (count em, 16 per blueprint) belts shoved up 2x2 shaft.

use: requires both blueprints to work consistently. place pt1 first and then pt2 fits right on top of it.

so, the last update to 20 was crazy, enough, I was so mad at myself for not thinking of some of those solutions. I took those solutions to the extreme and even made them look better. the spiral no longer has the vertical section cutting through it while both doubling the belts in those lanes, and following the spiral motif from the outer ones. (watch carefully as 2 different items can flow easily through what looks like one lane)

like I said before, this is useless. Though I think my personal challenge is nearly complete. unless new tech comes out that makes compressing belts trivial... oh wait! I'm working on that already! (what I'm planning will literally redefine the challenge in several ways. look forward anyone who might care about maximal elevators)

If there are any issues with my blueprints please send me a DM on discord: Ludus Machinae#0007
Also, check out my belt guide here!
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  • Author: Ludus
  • Collection: Elevators
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  • Created: 7 months ago

This blueprint requires

192 structures
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