BIE's Mark Three Accumulator Blackbox

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The MK3 version of BIE's accumulator blackbox.  Raw ores (coal, iron, copper, silicon) go in, 90 accumulators a minute pop out.  I threw in some high-altitude crazy-belt stuff like the BIE Casimir Crystal Compact to see how tightly I could make an Electric Motor assembly block.

This provides a different way to build accumulators in your NHP run, if you don't want to use the component-input accumulator injector in the No Hazmat Permit collection.  (Some folks like to just work from ores, and BIE is happy to accommodate them!)

It's narrow enough to fit in the low polar regions.  It's entirely possible to run two off of one supplying ILS, if you want to customize, though you'll probably want to up the storage amounts--this tends to chew through iron pretty quick.  It'll take a couple of minutes to fully saturate the Electric Motor block, so don't fret.

IMPORTANT:  The output ILS is set to STORAGE.  This is so that you can adjust vessel loads and max storage to suit your own deployment policy.
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  • Author: Ambush_Bug
  • Collection: BIE Tools
  • Mod: Dyson Sphere Program
  • Version:
  • Created: about 1 month ago

This blueprint requires

1418 structures
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    • 14
    • 9
    • 9
    • 2
  • 28
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