BIE's Casimir Crystal Compact

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Bug's Interstellar Emporium proudly presents our newest crazy-belting tool, the CCC!  Tired of trying to balance out Casimir Crystals?  Want a nice standard-recipe crystal assembler that'll practically fit in your pocket?  Plunk down a CCC and watch the clockwork madness!  24 assemblers in a tight package you can put down just about anywhere!  Satellite substations ensure clean power transfer and long-distance connections so you don't have to trudge all over creation placing tesla towers.  Stacked and packed belts make for a lovely show and a small footprint!  Preconfigured to grab everything it needs, just slap it down and supply drones and vessels and a nearby power source and you're good to go!

(Oh, the things we can do now that we can reliably replicate sorters on high belts!)
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  • Author: Ambush_Bug
  • Collection: BIE Tools
  • Mod: Dyson Sphere Program
  • Version:
  • Created: 6 months ago

This blueprint requires

1119 structures
  • 6
  • 24
    • 24
  • 1
  • 2
  • 112
  • 974

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