Nilaus New Compact RED SCIENCE - Part 01

Input: 4 Crude Oil per second (2 Oil Extractors) on the middle line.

Final Blueprint Produces: 2 Red Energy Matrices per second (Should last to late game).
Also produces 2 extra Hydrogen to be stored in the tank and removed.
Tip: Upgrade to MKII the belt that feeds Hydrogen from the splitter to the Matrix Labs to avoid Hydrogen going to the storage tank (due to a lack of internal buffer in the splitter).

Design adjustments to complete X-Ray Cracking technology research:
  1. Temporarily belt in some Energetic Graphite on either the top or the bottom.
  2. Temporarily store the unused Refined Oil (so the Oil Refineries don't get backed up).
  3. Once X-Ray Cracking has been completed, remove these two temporary adjustments.
This Blueprint has less than 150 facilities, so it can be used once you have unlocked Mass Construction Lv2.

*Credit - This New Compact RED SCIENCE was originally designed by Nilaus on the following tutorial video:
YouTube: New Compact RED SCIENCE with BLUEPRINTS | Dyson Sphere Program Master Class
Official Nilaus Confluence Blueprints page: Dyson Sphere Program - Blueprints
Blueprints Collection on this site: Nilaus New Compact RED SCIENCE
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This blueprint requires

96 structures
  • 4
    • 2
    • 2
  • 2
  • 16
  • 74

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