Nilaus Mid HUB - ILS 4

This blueprint is intended to upgrade the original Nilaus Jump Start HUB to now use Interstellar Logistics Stations (ILS).

Instructions to prepare for this blueprint:
  1. Place this blueprint connected directly under the Storage for Wireless Power Tower production.
  2. Load 50 Logistics Drones & 10 Logistics Vessels into the ILS.
  3. Adjust the Minimum Load of Vessels down to just 10%.
This ILS will provide the following items to the Logistics Network:
  • Matrix Lab, Storage Tank, Wireless Power Tower, Oil Extractor, Oil Refinery
*Credit - This Mid Hub Extension build was originally designed by Nilaus on the following tutorial video:
YouTube: Extended STARTER HUB with BLUEPRINTS | Dyson Sphere Program Master Class
Official Nilaus Confluence Blueprints page: Dyson Sphere Program - Blueprints
Blueprints Collection on this site: Nilaus Mid Hub Extension
See also the original Nilaus Jump Start HUB with Simple BLUEPRINTS
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This blueprint requires

93 structures
  • 1
  • 1
  • 5
  • 86

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