Nilaus Mid HUB - ILS 1

This blueprint is intended to upgrade the original Nilaus Jump Start HUB to now use Interstellar Logistics Stations (ILS).

Instructions to prepare for this blueprint:
  1. Undo the Nilaus Mid HUB - Belt+Sorter Hack blueprint:
         1. Remove all new facilities placed from this blueprint
         2. Replace the missing Storage MK.1 under the Assembling Machine making Sorter MK.1.
         3. Revert the recipe back from making Electric Motors to Wind Turbines.
  2. Disconnect and remove the initial production produced to the left of the Hub in Nilaus Jump Start HUB #01 - #07
  3. Use Upgrade Mode to upgrade the Facilities, Belts & Sorters to MK.II.
  4. Use Upgrade Mode to upgrade just the Sorters to MK.III. 
  5. Place this blueprint at the beginning of the Hub (connected to the first Assembly Machine making gears).
  6. Load 50 Logistics Drones & 10 Logistics Vessels into the ILS.
Inputs needed in the Logistics Network (they need to be produced somewhere else):
  • Stone Bricks, Iron Ingots, Circuit Boards, Magnetic Coils, Space Warpers
*Credit - This Mid Hub Extension build was originally designed by Nilaus on the following tutorial video:
YouTube: Extended STARTER HUB with BLUEPRINTS | Dyson Sphere Program Master Class
Official Nilaus Confluence Blueprints page: Dyson Sphere Program - Blueprints
Blueprints Collection on this site: Nilaus Mid Hub Extension
See also the original Nilaus Jump Start HUB with Simple BLUEPRINTS
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This blueprint requires

87 structures
  • 1
  • 1
  • 85

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