"Vertical" Matrix Lab (2 input ingredients)

This is part of a blueprint series of "vertical" factories which goes from north to south of the equator, tileable around the planet. It fits perfectly within the central grid of a planet (see images). It's designed to make full use of the minimum distance you can tile two Interstellar Logistics Stations (ILS). Even though it's meant to be vertical, it is narrow enough to fit inside the horizontal grids nearer to the poles too.

Use this when you want to figure out production, ratios, etc yourself, but want something neat and tileable. Also great for making planets specialised for specific types of production.

Features across the entire blueprint series:
  • Meant for endgame usage - main requirements are highest level belts and production buildings. For maximum benefit using fast recipes, the ILS "integrated logistics" research required (auto stacks 4 items for output belts to 120 items/s on Belt Mk. III)
  • Sample production building with inserters are provided, more than one if specific inserter arrangements are required. Rotate and drag-paste accordingly after setting up recipe. Single point belts used to block places where buildings should not be placed or to mark where a building should start for easier tiling.
  • ILS output lanes already set up accordingly (see instructions below) depending on how many raw material lanes involved.
  • Pilers included in some of the members of this series in case output lane saturated by high production output (iron/copper smelting or magnetic coil).
  • Proliferator Mk. III setup included, ILS last slot used to locally demand it.
  • When tiled, splitter setup allows for space warpers to be transferred between buildings conveniently. 1 ingredient members of this blueprint series defaults to output for the splitter setup, the rest defaults to input, but can be easy changed by deleting and rebuilding the belts.
  • After pasting buildings, set up the recipe in the production building and tile them.
  • Set and request each ingredient using the top few ILS slots. If more than one ingredient, put the most consumed item at the top slot (example, casimir crystal recipes use 12 hydrogen - put that at number 1)
  • Set the output product at the last slot above the proliferator.
  • Space warpers - for 1 or 2 ingredient production, you can demand them locally. For 3 ingredient production, you can belt warpers in conveniently into the connected splitter array with a raised belt.
  • Add your drones and vessels.
Check out the Collection for full series.
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This blueprint requires

1216 structures
  • 1
  • 5
  • 8
  • 4
  • 2
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3
  • 1188

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