Sushi white science

A late game, proliferated, white science design that uses sushi belts to get all the colours where they are needed.

It has 40 stacks of 15 matrix labs, which should ideally consume 240 cubes per second total, which fits on two U-shaped sushi belts with stacking. The ideal output is 50 white science per second, or 3000 per minute.

In practice, some matrix labs remain idle because complex sequencing effects mean that sometimes some cube piles aren't fully consumed, and may be reintroduced to the belt, sometimes without re-piling. The effective rate fluctuates between 2700 and 3200 per minute, with an average around 2950. Of course one could delete a stacks of matrix labs to ensure that all labs will remain active full-time.

This build is robust and useful and can be used in serious gameplay, but it is not necessarily better than running 7 belts, and is intended primarily as a proof of concept.
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  • Author: Steven
  • Collection: Factories
  • Game version:
  • Copied: 7 times
  • Created: 12 months ago

This blueprint requires

1599 structures
  • 600
    • 600
  • 6
  • 13
  • 2
  • 4
  • 120
  • 854

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