Sushi belt Mall for early game #1

A sushi conveyor belt mall for the very early game. You only need the blue research to build this mall. It consists of 4 parts that can be built one after the other. The first 2 parts only fit in fixed positions near the pole.
The 3rd part must be in line at the bottom left.
The gaps in the conveyor belts must then be closed.
The resource inputs are marked. Simply feed the material there.

Once this mall is in place, it can simply be expanded using the same pattern.
Update the conveyor belts as soon as possible, and it is best to run the sushi belts in a circle around the pole. For the materials in the later game, the feeders can simply copy to get more Suhi tapes.

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  • Author: harald
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This blueprint requires

238 structures
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  • 217

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