Startermall 300

Startermall300 is an extremely compact early-game mall producing the most frequently used buildings, and belts and grabbers -- both T1 and T2!

It's meant to be built the instant you unlock Mass Construction 2 -- it fits nicely under the 300 structure limit.  No splitters are used, which also makes it easy to start constructing it early.

(If you have the Blueprint Tweaks mod, you can place it fearlessly even before you have unlocked T2 belts and grabbers techs.  The Blueprint Tweaks mod allows pasting factories that use settings for recipes you haven't unlocked yet; then those factories just start working as soon as you get the relevant tech.)

The extreme compactness is thanks to belts placed on the half-grid.  This lets us have a 5-belt bus, in which assemblers on both sides can reach all five belts.  This both reduces the amount of space we spent on belts, and also drastically simplifies the system, which also helps keep it compact.

The buildings produced emphasize the most common ones -- so, assemblers, splitters, etc, yes; pumps, tanks, traffic monitors, and so on: no.  Buildings for handling oil and chemistry are also excluded, partly because they're relatively low volume, partly because of the blueprint facility limit, and partly because this mall has no steel belt.

Inputs are: iron, gears, circuit boards, magnetic coils, stone brick, and glass.  In other words, the basics.  We can't include the production of those direction in this blueprint because of the facility limit.

Connecting the input belts can be a little touchy.  You'll have to press "R" while building your belts in order to switch to the free-angle mode; then it's all peachy.

This should get you most of the way into the game until larger logistics facilities start to unlock!  (Then, it's probably time to move onto one of the fancy sushi malls that can extend for the rest of the game.)

(Implementation notes: given that the facility limit is such a constraint, did this blueprint really need two motor factories?  Yes, unfortunately: otherwise one of the two consumers always seems to starve when both use a direct-insertion approach, which in this case would've resulted in no T2 grabbers being built until the T2 belt storage is completely full (which as we all know, effectively never happens ;)).)
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