Self-Powered Graphene 7200/Minute, Deuterium 1740/Minute, from Fire Ice

120/s Graphene, 29/s Deuterium. Build near equator on Ice Giant satellite.
Self-powered, but will not start until daylight after first building. After that it will start and stop as materials are requested. May require additional wind turbines on Chemical Plant side if wind power efficiency is below 100%.  Uses pilers/stackers and Quantum Chemical Plants. 
No excess hydrogen, all is burned for power or converted to Deuterium. There are 4 supplemental power plants that only get fuel when the Fractionator belts are overloaded - this will supply the extra power needed when this happens, as under normal operation the Fractionaters are not at full load. It will only happen though when there is a storage of hydrogen to burn through, and the hydrogen will only build up after Deuterium builds up first. Once the Deuterium backup is cleared, the Fractionaters will start to burn through the hydrogen backup, and will need the extra power from the 4 power plants to do so.

Has two separate power grids - chemical plants run completely on their own, using a power plant for each one with supplemental wind to cover the inserter power requirements. The Fractionators and ILS are on a separate network, along with the pilers. This means that until the ILS is charged, the chemical plants will not get a full stacked belt, due to lower power while the ILS sucks all the power. Once it is charged, there is enough power for everything.
Requires green science tech, but no white.
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