Refined Oil 30 Per Second With NO Hydrogen Byproduct (Uses Coal as Additional Input) - Proliferated for EXTRA PRODUCT

This blueprint produces 30 REFINED OIL Per Second (1800 Per Minute) and DOES NOT produce any byproducts as output. Instead, it uses COAL as an additional input which combines the new "Reforming Refine" recipe with the standard "Plasma Refining" recipe.

Similar to my other design (DSP Blueprint Link), this one uses the "EXTRA PRODUCT" proliferation setting in the "Plasma Refining" Refineries, resulting in a reduced amount of required crude oil input. The "Reform Refine" recipe does not allow for "extra product", so that one has to use the "SPEED" recipe instead, to reduce the amount of refineries needed for that part.

* Crude Oil (~17 Per Second / 1020 Per Minute)
* Coal (10 Per Second / 600 Per Minute)
* REFINED OIL (30 Per Second / 1800 Per Minute)

Any questions or comments, please contact me on reddit, I'm /u/ATAD

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  • Author: FauxPas
  • Collection: Factories
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  • Created: 17 days ago

This blueprint requires

929 structures
  • 16
  • 52
    • 20
    • 32
  • 1
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  • 176
  • 680

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