Recycling sushi mall

This is a recycling version of my sushi mall.
A complete guide describing the properties of this mall and how to build it is available on steam.
You can find a non-recycling version of the mall over here: Dyson Sphere Blueprints - Polar sushi mall (darkfog enabled)


A recycling mall produces all buildings and exports them using interstellar logistics stations, like a regular mall; but it can also import all buildings from across the cluster and recycle them. This allows you to fly to a distant planet, request some buildings, build whatever factory you like, and then send the leftovers back to the mall without hassle by switching the ILS entry from "global demand" to "global supply".

A mall that includes a recycler needs more logistics stations: instead of one for every five buildings, a recycling mall needs two ILSs for every five buildings. This means that the mall is substantially larger and also more power hungry during the startup phase. The mall also only recycles those items that it produces.

If you're in the middle to late game, you might have some space to spare, and the quality of life improvement might be worth it.


  • Reliable: 100% reliable sushi rebalancing.
  • Flexible: every assembler can make any building (provided different tiers of the same building must be adjacent).
  • Small footprint, compared to other mall designs.
  • Output: all buildings, as well as battle drones, logistics bots, drones, and vessels. Can produce up to 74 buildings.
  • Input: power, and 38 distinct components (4 of which are darkfog drops). There are 6 free import slots.
  • Proliferation: none.
  • Warpers: imports space warpers, but produces a trickle of its own if no space warpers are available.
  • Time to saturation: it is somewhat slow to saturate. Once saturated, keeps up well.


You can upgrade the assemblers to mk3 or mk4 if you like. 

Stalled belts:

This should only happen if you've been editing the design. If a sushi belt stalls, find the 9-way rebalancer for the belt that is stuck. Check that all splitters in the rebalancer have their output filter set correctly. Then click on little piece of belt at the end of the stalled sushi rebalancer, and remove all excess material.
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