Recycling ILS mall segment

This cute square arrangement of five ILSs can be used anywhere as part of a mall.

It can build four buildings: one for each corner ILS. The buildings are ultimately exported using the center ILS.

Every corner ILS imports the building itself, so that it can be recycled if you find yourself stuck with a surplus somewhere across the cluster. Every corner ILS also imports up to four of the materials needed to build that building. For the few buildings that require a fifth input, space has been prepared that allows you to run a belt from the next corner ILS.

  • Cute, simple, symmetric, modular design
  • Fully proliferated
  • Can import building materials from anywhere in the cluster
  • Very high throughput
  • Large footprint. While the blueprint itself is only 35x35 cells, the ILSs cannot be placed too close, so when tiled in a square lattice (the most efficient packing) each copy has to be placed at least 59 cells away from its neighbours.
  • Large buffers. Every building material is buffered separately for every building that is produced. To achieve high throughput, these buffers cannot be too small.

Setting up

  1. Place the blueprint wherever you like.
  2. Select four buildings in the center ILS. The last slot is for requesting space warpers. Set the buildings to the number you want to receive if you request that building from somewhere in the cluster.
  3. Assign the four buildings to the first slot in the four corner ILSs using "local storage / global demand". Set slots 2-5 to the input materials for that building using local demand and/or global demand. Keep in mind that one ILS has already been set up to import proliferator, so that one should make a building with three or fewer inputs. You may need to set up an additional corner ILS to import space warpers as well. (Or alternatively, you can add an ugly spaghetti belt belt with warpers from the center ILS.)
  4. Select the assembler recipes. If any building needs a fifth input material, make sure it is available on the next corner ILS. Run a belt from that ILS to the assemblers through the space that has been left open for this purpose, place a spray painter and attach sorters.
  5. Set the output filters for all the building materials on the corner ILSs. The one belt that doesn't have a spray painter attached carries the finished product, so the ILS filter should be set to the building being produced for that belt.
  6. Set the capacity of the storage boxes such that the box can fit twice the number that the center ILS holds of that building.
  7. Set the alarm icon of the traffic monitor to the appropriate building.

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  • Author: Steven
  • Collection: Factories
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  • Created: about 1 month ago

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