Proliferator (mk1) 172,000/min

Note: There are 57,600/min coal being belt-outputed out of each tower which cannot be fullfilled with just it's own PLS drones (a single PLS limit is 36,000/min) There will need to be drones somewhere in the supply side as well. Upgrading the Coal-PLSs to ILSs is another possibility.

The assemblers are set to speedup (uses less factory entities) however if extra product is wanted:
1. Change the first row of assemblers to extra product (copy/paste recipe hotkey is helpful here)
2. Copy the first row (make it assemblers only by right-clicking on the uneeded buildings)
3. Paste on each of the remaining row.
4. This will yeild Proliferator (mk1) 108,000/min from Coal 86,400/min
If you want to go back to speedup I recommend redoing the blueprint.

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  • Author: Umabel
  • Collection: Factories
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This blueprint requires

9735 structures
  • 480
    • 480
  • 15
  • 11
  • 24
  • 480
  • 480
  • 8245

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