Power planet accumulator exchange Dispense, retrieve, manufacture, with no jamming... yet

Provides accumulator manufacturing and management for an exchanger planetary ring.  Manufacture, and cluster-wide delivery and retrieval of both charged and discharged accumulators. Taking advantage of the "T" belt intersection (the thru line gets priority), the following use priorities are established:

1) Any incoming charged or discharged accumulators delivered by vessels
2) Charged accumulators from the exchanger loop
3) Accumulator manufacturing (only starts if there is available space on the loop for additional accumulators).

The loop (exchangers, power generating equipment ) is not included.  Once the loop is built around the accumulator exchange, the assemblers will begin filling the loop with new accumulators until the loop fills. For an equatorial loop (assumed), this will take [quite] some time.  Then manufacturing will stop.  Be careful modifying the demand supply switches and the bin limits, as this can adversely effect the system. It hasn't jammed on me....yet. In this particular design, I have 3 lines of charged accumulators coming in.  
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