Polar Gas Giant Harvesting Depot

Polar Depot for gas giant harvesting. Stations set up to only collect hydrogen from within the system and push hydrogen out of system.
If your bad at math or just find your hydrogen chronically low - stick one of these bad bois near a gas giant with collectors. The center ILS will request logistic drones and storage tanks to help with construction.
Set and forget.

Go easy on the hydrogen buddy. You can also add fire ice to the logistics stations if your a savage/hipster - doodle with the ILS yourself for that blasphemy.
I am already committing a DSP sin encouraging Gas collectors.

P.S if you plan on using more than one of these (you monster) change the outer ring of ILS to pull config (remove the vessels: drop the range to recall them, remove and then bring the range back to infinity) to prevent an endless loop of hydrogen transport between your unholy designs.
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