PLS based end game mall segment

This is a template for a high throughput end-game mall.

It is designed for the end game in the sense that it prioritizes production speed over power consumption, space, and the amount of material that it stores. However, the tradeoff isn't bad earlier on, and the mall can be used effectively as soon as you unlock ILS.

  • Every segment has two ILSs which can export 10 different buildings on the logistics network.
  • Every segment uses 10 PLSs to import materials, which allows high throughput compared to logistics distributors.
  • Every assembler has access to four dedicated input lines and one output line. Furthermore, one input belt can be shared between adjacent rows of assemblers, which allows the rare 5-input buildings to be built.
  • Inputs are fully proliferated.
  • Four assemblers are used to make each building, so production is fast.
  • The design has a comparatively small footprint. The blueprint is 80 cells wide and 50 cells deep. It connects to itself perfectly, so it either fits twice side by side in the equatorial zone, or as a ring in the 50 wide band just outside the equatorial zone. In this band, 10 copies of the blueprint will fit, which means you can make up to 100 buildings there.
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