Hyper-dense 27k/min white science hemisphere from (mostly) raw (54k/planet)

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When you go to build it, make sure you put away all your ILSes in a box BEFORE you paste it, and place them after EVERYTHING ELSE is built. Then build from the equator up. This ensures the proliferator is in place before most of the production starts.

Exports overflow of all rainbow jello, antimatter, and casimir crystal production, you will need somewhere to export these and use them.

Inputs (items/minute):
   Manufactured off-site:
  • ~40k Proliferator mk3 (I recommend importing a huge stockpile on top of what it needs)
  • 28.8k Nanotubes
  • 21.6k Photons (huge O star sphere will be needed)
  • 14.04k Particle containers
  • ~75 strange rods, + a large buffer space
  • some antimatter capsules for hive defense
   Raw ores:
  • 315k Silicon (build as close as possible to a silicon-rich planet)
  • 212k Hydrogen (nearly 50k of which is produced on-site)
  • 162k Titanium
  • 134k Copper
  • 128k Iron
  • 115k Coal
  • 112k Grating Crystal
  • 70k Deuterium (you may find my Fractionator blueprint useful for this, if your gas giants aren't productive enough)
  • 57k stone
  • 28.5k water
  • 28k fire ice
  • 28k crude oil
  • 23k kimberlite
  • 14.4k fractal silicon (crystal silicon can also be imported if this ran out or you'd prefer not using it yet)
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