Frontline HC

Frontline HC

You can only farm up to 10 resources but that's because i was only able to fit 6 stations in the base.

Also, If you run out of Accumulators (like i did but was ready) the Anti-matter rods will take over and if you run out of those, the Strange Fuel Rods will start up.

This was NOT done in sandbox mode, somethings i had to wait for to add to the base and farming 10 resources was perfect come to find out for the Large Depot because it has 10 rolls.

You NEED to use filters for the Large Depot on the BAB, I learnt this the hard way.

NEED to MASS produce:

-Belt tier 3
-Pile Sorter tier 4
-Jammer Tower
-Satellite Substation
-Signal Tower
-Laser Turret
-Precision Drones
-Attack Drones

It holds up to 105 GJ of energy and has 2 planetary shields for cover.

Note: If a resource fills up both its rolls of storage units, it dumps out of one of them at the top which is sent to a alert system on the way down and goes to a series of collection units. After the collection units is a splitter acting as a control valve.
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