Excess Hydrogen to Deuteron Fuel Rods

Better than Burning!

Excess hydrogen is a common early game problem… until you realize you can convert it to something really useful.
Deuteron fuel rods are second only to antimatter fuel rods as the best portable fuel in the game.  They are a fantastic mid-game option for powering your Mecha with dramatically faster recharge -- which also extends warp range -- and more recharges in the tank.  Great for pushing out to the stars.
They are also pretty great for powering resource planets in the mid-game.  Much less hassle than charging/recycling accumulators, or setting up hundreds of solar panels.  Just drop an ILS, hook up a few fusion power stations and request the fuel.  Each fusion plant provides 7x the power of a thermal power station, so the footprint is quite manageable.
You can also choose to send the fuel rods to your rocket factory, or the deuterium to green science production. 


  • Converts up to 432/min hydrogen to deuterium.  Use blue proliferation (speedup) on the hydrogen to convert up to 864/min.   
  • Compact!  Fits almost anywhere.
  • Optional proliferation for hydrogen and finished fuel rods.
  • Hydrogen from other sources may be added to boost production.  The build is optimized to process the excess hydrogen first.
  • Stored deuterium can be used elsewhere.  Just connect the output belt from the tanks to the nearby ILS.

Setup notes

  • Add drones to the PLS to bring in the excess hydrogen.  Set the minimum drone load to a higher percentage than other factories that should get the hydrogen first, like Casimir crystals.
  • Adjust the ILS settings and logistics for your game.
  • IMPORTANT!  If you supplement with another hydrogen source, do not deliver it to the PLS!  Supply it via belt to the splitter in the PLS hydrogen belt.  This ensures the excess hydrogen has priority.
  • Final tip!  Blue-spraying a fuel rod after crafting increases the power stored and how fast it provides power by 25%.  It's a good deal.
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