Early Game Polar Solar (Like Your Mom)

It helps you out when you're getting started... like your Mom.
The details are informative and think they are funny, though likely they are not.  Like your Mom.

Mission Statement:
Provides about 100 MW per pole and rapid charges your mecha so you can quickly colonize once you have Mass Construction 2 and the ability and/or motivation to travel to new planets like your Mom making you a sandwich driving you to Soccer.

This build, like an oversized blanket fresh out of the dryer, invokes thoughts of comfort and security.  Like your Mom.

It's totally not max efficiency.  The size could be reduced as well.  That said, it gets the job done and keeps you fed while helping you learn to expand and exploit all your little neighborhood friends while making their parents to do all the driving.  Like your Mom.

This build performs best when:
  • the planet isn't tilted sideways.  Like your Mom.
  • it doesn't have to go it alone and it's polar opposite is there to help.  Like your Mom.
  • you know it's limits and don't push it too far.  Like your Mom.
This build features quad Wireless Power Towers to recharge your floppy armed little baby mecha like an ever-present bag of stale cheerios.  Like your Mom.

This is not intended for a lifetime solution - just an entry strategy.  Like your Mom.

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This blueprint requires

299 structures
  • 295
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