Deuterium 28,400/min, (98.6% of 16B), Particle Collider

Hydrogen 56,900/min (~32B)
Proliferator mk3 949.9min (~57,600 charges/min) (Speedup only...there's extra product...not that it matters at this item tier...)

Particle Collider:
-The full power needed is ~3.62GW. Fractionators outputting a similar amount would take ~1.96GW.
-Uses Hydrogen 56,900/min (~32B). Fractionators would take half that, at 28,800/min (16B).

98.6% of 16B: 
Due to the output belt factory ratio each pair of output belts are sharing a single collider. That one collider would have two output sorters however that method doesn't split it out 50/50 all the time so on occasion it would overfill one of the belts.

+Can be tiled 16 times (with lots of room in north/south region for other stuff) for a total of 456k/min (~253B)
+Although difficult to put an exact number at this time, It looks like particle colliders are more UPS efficient than fractionators. This makes them an option (maybe?) for scaling up detuerium over ~50k/min when deuterium gas giants is not enough. Further testing is underway...

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