Dense Smelting Block ILS (118 Negentropy Smelters, ILS)

This smelting setup attempts to minimize wasted belts and space. Also nice thing about it is that only 2 Satellite Substations used for energy distribution.
This one produces Titanium, but you can switch recipe to other ores and it will still be fine.
Blueprint width allows to put 2 lines of these bad boys in the sub-equatorial sector if you don't mind building on one of the tropic lines.
Since each belt is used from 2 sides - maximum length is 20 smelters because 40 smelters per belt result in 120 items/s in most recipes.
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  • Author: Unbelievable
  • Collection: Factories
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  • Created: 3 months ago

This blueprint requires

829 structures
  • 236
  • 118
    • 118
  • 2
  • 1
  • 472

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