Critical Photons 70/second South Pole - Proliferated Lenses - Belt Stacking

The blueprint proliferates Graviton Lenses and feeds 198 Ray Receivers that produce around 70 Critical Photons per second. The returning belts are stacked to carry all the photons without clogging. The ILS is set to not stack the output of lenses to not waste a lot of them on the long belts. The ILS is set on storage for everything so it doesn't sends away thousands lenses before you could demand the proliferator spray.
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  • Author: Ygolnac
  • Collection: Factories
  • Game version:
  • Copied: 86 times
  • Created: about 2 years ago

This blueprint requires

4908 structures
  • 198
  • 8
  • 130
  • 9
  • 1
  • 1
  • 4561

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