Casimir Crystal 4500/Min

Need full stacking on stations to work at full output.
Uses 6 fully stacked belts of hydrogen. (24 blue belts or 43,200/Min)
I suggest you use it on planet near a fully tapped gas giant otherwise it won't be able to keep up. (On full output it uses more hydrogen then your average gas giant can produce.) Will help if your have oil refining and X-ray cracking on the planet too.
Plan for it it use about 1 GW of power.
This is a niche build.
Both stations have accessible belt ports you can access if you want to pipe hydrogen directly into them if you wanted to. 
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  • Author: Sir AL
  • Collection: Factories
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  • Copied: 3 times
  • Created: 6 months ago

This blueprint requires

5141 structures
  • 45
  • 8
  • 4
  • 8
  • 160
    • 160
  • 2
  • 958
  • 3956

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