Casimir Crystal, 3600/min (2B), Rare Input, Conflicted Telesorters

Hydrogen 43,200/min (24B)
Optical Grating Crystal 28,800/min (16B)
Graphene 7,200/min (4B)
Proliferator Mk3 1320/min (79,200 Charges/min) (Speed-Up)

+Can place in most zones

Rare Input: Uses optical grating crystal instead of titanium  crystal. A reasonable VU level is recommended

Conflicted Telesorters: This blueprint uses teleporting sorters (introduced by Ludus Machinae) 
*This blueprint uses teleporting sorters that connect to elevated belts above despite "touching" a belt on ground. 
To ensure all of them work properly:
1. Remove all mk2 belts from inventory
2. Paste blueprint...construct all buildings except for the mk2 belts
3. Upgrade the mk2 belts to mk3 to complete construction
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  • Author: Umabel
  • Collection: Factories
  • Game version:
  • Copied: 2 times
  • Created: 26 days ago

This blueprint requires

1850 structures
  • 11
  • 80
    • 80
  • 17
  • 2
  • 320
  • 567
  • 853

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