Bridge Kit v2

Belts getting to tight to make bridges/ramps in construct mode? Go to blue print mode and give these pre-made bridges a try.

A quick demo can be found here

Just a quick set of 1-1/2 height bridges from 2 to 10 tiles long. You can usually connect them to other ground level belts in blueprint mode.

The bridges are made using belt bending method, introduced by Ludus.

Belt bending in shown in Ludus's video. In short, imagine that you can further divide belt heights into quarters, such that the sub-heights from ground (H1) to the next height (H2) would be 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4...

Whenever you attempt to connect a first segment that is directly above/below a second segment by 1/2 it will "pull" that second segment toward it. This usually results in the second segement changing in height by 1/4, and even pulling whatever segments its connected to along with it! 

Anyways...the 1, 0-1/4, 0-1/2, 0-3/4, 2 height belt tiles are included for more testing/playing around.
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This blueprint requires

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