BIE's FFF-11 "Belt Fed" (MK3 belt blackbox, ~1600 / minute)

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Bug's Interstellar Emporium is proud to bring a new factory to our storied Fetchingly Fast Furnishment collection!  You may remember our previous component-fed MK3 Belt assembler, the "Belts and Suspenders" from last year!  Well, now it's time to meet its big brother, the "Belt Fed" FFF-11!

Unlike the FFF-03, this roaring assemblage doesn't need finished components to do its job!  Everything is made on site, from the lowliest gears to the bubbling vats of sulphur!  And unlike most blackboxes that put out a trickle of the item in question, the Belt Fed is made for SPEED.  Lots and LOTS of SPEEEEEED.

Yes friends, this blackbox will spew out MK3 belts by the ton!  ~1600 units per minute!  You'll be hard-pressed to keep up with it!

But that's not all!  In addition to its eye-watering speed (and ore demand!) the Belt Fed also has an incredibly fast re-fill mechanism!  Not one, not two, but eight logistics-bot supply towers stand ready to ram belts into your Icarus mech the moment you come in range!  Not only that, but it can refill an empty ILS in twenty seconds!  That's over fifty-thousand belts per minute!

Even the mightiest of science-planet blueprint barons will enjoy a constant supply of belts, no matter where they are in the cluster!

(BIE recommends a multi-point safety harness for Icarus pilots coming into range of the Belt Fed--logistics bots aren't known for their piloting skills.  Please see our indemnification waiver for details!)


PLACEMENT:  Check for the "Equator" label in one corner and put the little belt segment at the end of the arrow right on the equator.  This should stop any grid-mashing placement errors.

So yeah, this really isn't a tool most are going to need!  I made it because I'd been looking for a project, and two ideas came at once: see about updating the Fetchingly Fast Furnishment collection and trying my hand at a Terrevil-style blackbox.  Mk3 belts seemed like a good place to start.  I'd seen a number of them around, but I hadn't seen any that really fit the motif of the FFF collection.  

So I ripped the assembler block off the original Belts and Suspender (and lopped it down to six instead of seven, since 7 would overload a single MK3 belt--yes, I could pile it, but things kinda got out of hand...) and set up a sandbox workshop.  Started with the block of assemblers and item consumers and generators, then slowly replaced the generators with the actual bits needed to match the supply.

Then came the fun of weaving it all together, which is quite an exercise!  After that, I needed to hit the other half of the FFF equation, namely the fast resupply.  I'd originally wanted to hit the absolute maximum of 80,000 belts into an ILS via all twelve belt ports, but it turns out 50K was plenty.  Definitely had a lot of fun making the supply towers and tweaking the cargo box limits to ensure everything got output evenly.

I went with MK2 sprays as they're easy to manufacture on-site (you only need coal) and the 50% speedup made for nice round numbers in Factoriolab.

While I don't think most folks will need a tool like this, I can think of a few that might.  Multiplayer games should benefit, as this should pretty easily keep up with most scenarios.  High-end Galactic Scale games where people are slapping down science-planet blueprints left and right are another good prospect.  And of course, anyone that wants to see a thing go BRRR.  

And, because some will ask, what IS the maximum rate Icarus can put down belts?  Well, with 150+ drones and max drone speed, it's roughly a hundred per second.  Four of these could keep up with that, but honestly, that's such a huge drain on iron I wouldn't recommend it.  Heck, just one of these can be hard to supply!

Make crazy things, engineers! 
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This blueprint requires

9386 structures
  • 129
  • 212
    • 12
    • 6
    • 48
    • 24
    • 28
    • 28
    • 30
    • 24
    • 6
    • 6
  • 37
  • 5
  • 20
    • 10
    • 10
  • 6
    • 4
    • 2
  • 2
    • 1
    • 1
  • 79
  • 1
    • 1
  • 243
    • 67
    • 63
    • 18
    • 55
    • 40
  • 6
  • 49
  • 24
  • 8
  • 666
  • 44
  • 507
  • 7348

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