5385 RR - 11.86 Belt per RR - 129,24k/min Photon

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It Requests 2,6 TW,
Production: 129,24k/min Critical Photon
Consumption: 538,5/min Graviton Lens
Fuel Rod enough for 1 Artificial Star, and a few space warpers if you want it to help out with the transportation.
The Star can be demolished to put up 1x RR like on the other pole. Should be simple to reroute some belts and copy paste parts from other side.

*You need to have all lens already proliferated. and photons outgoing should get proliferated as it leaves the ILS/PLS on antimatter production worlds.
Belts below RR, the little heresey you find both looks good, and easy to understand.
Photon icons I placed on belts help show how many RR belong to belt. 300 = 4-stacked blue belt.
I use mk1 and mk2 belts where it is possible, done math etc. 

I have outgoing lens from ILS put to 1 stack. On a mk2 belt(75% full) that means less lenses rendered on planet. But you might want to change it to 4-stack during the first hour. (So it won't take too long to fill up)
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