MK.III (Blue) Proliferator Production 1400/min

Large MK.III (Blue) proliferator production, It will produce 1580/min, But also consumes 180/min to proliferate all the materials for the maximum output, This setup will proliferate the proliferator aswell so that the proliferator has more charges per spray.
In the end you will gain around 1400 MK.III (Blue) proliferator per minute.
This blueprint uses a PLS, But you can easely replace it with a ILS if you wish to do so.
This blueprint can not be placed to close to the poles.
In order for this blueprint to run smoothly constantly, make sure to provide at least the following materials to the factory per minute:
- 1300 Carbon Nanotube.
- 2250 Diamonds.
- 3600 Coal.
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This blueprint requires

2999 structures
  • 84
    • 28
    • 28
    • 28
  • 62
  • 58
  • 1
  • 16
  • 1
  • 224
  • 2553

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